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HK Vertical 1000: Chubb - Do good to do well

In today’s meaning-driven world, businesses aren’t just about making profits; rather, doing good can mean doing well, too. This is the case for insurance company Chubb, which is participating in this year’s HK Vertical 1000, the city’s highly-anticipated charity abseiling event sponsored by Swire Properties. On 22 November, Chubb’s representative, Head of Bancassurance Melinda Chan, will be among other Taikoo Place tenants to rappel down One Island East for a good cause.

“We want to support the community in which we live and work,” says Stanley Wong, president for Chubb in Hong Kong SAR. Since moving their Hong Kong office to Taikoo Place in March this year, the company has been exploring opportunities to get involved in the community which, to Chan, is more than a business hub. “I worked in Taikoo Place 10 years ago,” she says. “Now there are more buildings and our office enjoys a convenient location, but it’s the dynamic community here that makes it feel like home for me.” When she found out about HK Vertical 1000, the company did not hesitate to sponsor her participation in the event. “We already support a number of charitable activities and are always committed to our social responsibilities,” says Wong. “HK Vertical 1000 fits well into our active support of our community.”
“We want to support the community in which we live and work.”
Stanley Wong, President for Chubb, Hong Kong SAR
Combining adventure and charity, the event will send Chan and other challengers to the top of One Island East, from which they will rappel down to the ground while raising money for Outward Bound Hong Kong. Being a part of this challenge says a lot about the brand, according to Wong. “It shows that we are both a risk-taking and a socially responsible business,” he says. “It can also reflect our can-do attitude, which is one of our core values.”
This can-do spirit has prompted Chan to accept many different challenges in her life, from going skydiving 20 years ago, to joining Chubb 18 months ago as a pioneer to set up a new bancassurance business unit, and now, abseiling 1,000 feet down one of Hong Kong’s tallest skyscrapers. “Melinda is the ideal person to represent us,” says Wong. “She is a real risk-taker who has what it takes to overcome any hurdles in front of her.”

To prepare herself for the abseil, Chan says she is mainly trying to relax and get her mind ready. “I’m so excited and eager to try it!” she shares. “But I also keep asking myself whether I’m competent enough to take on the challenge, to overcome my fear of heights and to move beyond my comfort zone.” Despite her doubts, she is confident that she will be able to complete the challenge. “It’s going to be another milestone in my life,” she says. “As my motto goes, ‘To succeed, make the impossible possible.’”
“To succeed, make the impossible possible.”
Melinda Chan. Head of Bancassurance of Chubb
While this will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience for Chan, her team will also participate in the adventure as supporters. “We believe this is an excellent chance to engage and encourage our colleagues to think outside the box,” says Wong. In the lead-up to the event, Chan will be able to take extra time to train for the abseil, while the Chubb Ambassadors – the company’s staff club – will hold various fund-raising events to promote this meaningful cause. “The company will match the donation, dollar for dollar,” he adds. “Our colleagues, including myself, will also be there on the day of the event to cheer for her.”
“The Chubb Ambassadors – the company’s staff club – will hold various fund-raising events to promote this meaningful cause. ”
So what is Chan most excited about this once-in-a-lifetime journey? “I can’t wait to see the stunning view from outside of the building,” she says. “And I’m expecting rounds of drinks with my colleagues and friends after I’ve reached the ground! There’ll be lots of photos and cheering, and I’ll share my experience with them.”

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