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G/F, One Taikoo Place

Refresh your mind with a wide array of tea selection at TCSM. We are bringing Tea Festival to the market for the first time. Wander through the market and discover some of the best artisanal teas around, get a taste of different combination of tea: from Chinese tea, Hojicha, Matcha to western tea drinks, and enjoy the tea-infused exclusive menus from all the tea specialists.


Featured Food & Beverage Vendors

The Tea Academïcs
The Tea Academïcs is a modern tea café where heritage meets innovation. They curate a sensory experience through artisanal tea products, plant-based dining, and tactile interior design. They will be bringing their famous plant-based mains, tea and scone to the market. They will also be launching seasonal cold brew tea exclusively for TCSM.

TCSM Exclusive Drink: Phoenix Dancong, Jin Xuan Oolong


Winstons Coffee
Winstons Coffee is an independent coffee shop founded by 3 British men when they couldn’t find a store in Hong Kong that ticked all the boxes. Winstons Coffee will be bringing their famous Impossible Sausage Muffins, Winstons Cold Brew and good vibes to Quarry Bay. They will also be launching a limited-edition CBD iced tea specially made for TCSM.

TCSM Exclusive Drink: CBD Iced Tea


Chicken Wings Mountain
Chicken Wings Mountain was founded in May 2018 as a sister shop of Sogno Cafe+. Back then, the signature Rose Chicken Wings was a favourite among customers, thus gave them the idea to open a fried chicken wings shop. They will be bringing all their signature chicken wings and an exclusive “Deep-fried chicken wings with earl grey tea” to the market. 

TCSM Exclusive Dish: Deep-fried Chicken Wings with Earl Grey Tea


Tealosophy Tea Bar
Tealosophy Tea Bar offers a wide range of varieties of premium Chinese and Japanese tea with premium Japanese sweets to customers. They focus to promote quality hand-dripped speciality tea in a simple and renovative way in daily life. They want to bring a unique tea experience to their customer and promote oriental tea culture in modern times.

TCSM Exclusive Drinks: Milky Oolong, Cold Brew Darjeeling Summer Flash, Cold Brew Hand-picked Shizuoka Tencha Green Tea
TCSM Exclusive Dishes: Sake Chocolate Ganache, Rosy Oolong Tea Jelly


Tea is ubiquitous in China, but good tea is rare. LockCha searches and serves good delightful Chinese tea for your cup. They also feature all-vegetarian dim sum and bring you the greatest enjoyment.

TCSM Exclusive Drink: Organic Narcissus White
TCSM Exclusive Dishes: Jasmine Panna Cotta, Oolong Panna Cotta, Pu'er Panna Cotta


Mother Pearl
Mother Pearl is a healthy beverage brand and the first and only boba tea purveyor in Hong Kong with all of its ingredients house-made from scratch. They are devoted to serve delicious textured teas filled with house-blended vegan “mylks”, unique flavours, and ingredients with proven benefits for physical and emotional wellbeing.

TCSM Exclusive Drinks: Yuen Yeung 2.0, Jasmine Pearl
TCSM Exclusive Dishes: Spinach & Lentil Empanada, Vegan Croissants


Matcha has a long, influential history, and Matchali embraces that by pairing its customs with a contemporary approach. At the centre of each Matchali drink, is health. They are big on plant-based milk options and offer minimal to no sweetness, using no refined sugars.

TCSM Exclusive Drink: Pink Coconut Matcha



Packaged Food Vendors

Le Cha
Le Cha is a locally founded pastry brand, their concept is to exploit tea flavours which 
incorporating in sweets and treats. They mainly source and incorporate Asian tea flavours such as Hojicha, Matcha as well as presenting flavour combinations that are perfect to pair with tea. They will be bringing tea flavoured traditional French pastries and cold brew tea to the market.


Brickery Bread
Authentic, chewy and hearty handmade bagels are what you can find at Brickery. No added fat or additives, low in calories and sugar. Vegan options are available! They will be bringing several tea-flavour bagel and homemade cream cheese to the market.


Skywow prides themselves on providing the highest quality functional raw foods and wellness products. They are inspired and delighted to support their customers in a healthy living journey.

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