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Taikoo Place has been a long-time patron of art and culture and a diversified range of visual and performing art events are held year-round in the past decade. To raise the bar and be able to bring world-class art events to Hong Kong, a 20,000 sq ft multi-purpose venue ArtisTree located at Cornwall House, Taikoo Place was launched in December 2008. The inaugural event was the Vivienne Westwood A Life in Fashion exhibition, a collaboration with the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. ArtisTree is a pun for the original word “Artistry” which means “artistic workmanship, effect or quality, artistic ability”. Like a tree, this new venue symbolises a nurturing ground where art grows. It is intended to be a cultural resource for Hong Kong. From where, through the presentation of outstanding events from the visual and performing arts world, inspire the learning, appreciation, creation and growth of art in the wider Hong Kong community.
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